Programme Outline Speedread

Adult Speed Reading Course

      o  Current reading rate evaluation
      o  Reading and the amazing human brain and eye
      o  Why people read slow and ineffective

  Speed Reading
      o  The methodology behind speed reading
      o  Changing the pattern of reading
      o  Continuous application of speed reading on leisure and  technical material throughout the programme

  Active versus Passive reading

      o  Understand the seven reading techniques and know when and how to use them
      o  Application of Skimming as a pre-reading technique
      o  Application of Scanning as a searching technique
      o  Application of Critical reading to build memory
      o  Application of Mind Maps® in a work- and study context

  Application of reading strategies to be more effective in:
      o  Day-to-day work-related reading
      o  Studying
      o  Research reading
      o  Computer screen reading

  Improving memory and concentration
      o  The brain and memory
      o  Understanding the process of building memory (short- and long term memory)
      o  Practical guidelines and techniques on improving concentration and memory
      o  The use of neuro-integration (Brain Gym®) to increase concentration.

  Profiles used
      o  Neethling Brain Profile®:  Everyone has thinking- and learning preference that determine
          how you approach your environment and reading material.
      o  Perceptual Learning Style analysis:  Auditory, Visual, Tactile and Kinesthetic learning.
      o  Modalities:  The influence of the dominant senses on reading, learning and development.